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Everybody in Pakistan is asking about earn money online but the reality behind online earn money programs does not knows everybody. Here we will highlight tips for making money online.

Online Money Making Methods

Each mind has its own thinking and ideas, so there are various ways to make money online but you have to choose one best for you.

Ist:­- E-Marketing and E-Commerce like Draz, Amazon, Alibaba, Ali Express, and EBay are some examples if you want to establish an online Business. 

2nd:- If you are an IT skilled official then you can go to Freelancing like Fever, Github, and freelance.com etc. to get paid for your skilled work. 

3rd:- The most common and easiest way to earn online is AdSense and affiliate marketing programs by monetizing your website. 

Google Ads on Your Site and Earn Money

Yes, it is reality you can make money from Google AdSense Earning Program in Pakistan. Most bloggers and YouTubbers will expose you to hundreds of ways to make money but nobody will talk about difficulties which you have to face during making a successful earning blog or site. 

So now, Bazari.pk will show you all pros, and cons, between you and your success. First of all you have to make a self-assessment that what is your field of expertise and skill, if you are not a IT Graduate, nothing to worry you have to just choose your line of action according to your interest, like Marketing, blogging, Designing, development, architecture and many more fields are here to select one.

Online Money Making by displaying ads

Are you searching for shortcuts to make Money.....? If yes.., then you are at the right place. Take one minute, look around you, everybody in Pakistan is looking for the same. They are in search of shortcuts to make money and want to become rich in nights, as you know slow and steady wins the race. 

Google AdSense is a great opportunity for Pakistan to make money online. To earn from Google AdSense you can use following tips:-

By Creating a Blog Spot or a Website

It is very easy and simple, choose your area of interest, pick some topics, make outlines, compile data in topic and then publish it to your blog or website. Goodwork…. Now you can show ads to make money. You have to follow some SOPs for creating your blog post as required by Google which we discussed later. You have to create 35/40 blogs at your website of about 700 words and then you will be eligible to apply to make your Google AdSense Account.

By Creating YouTube Channel

YouTube is also an earning source from Google AdSense. So you can also make your own Youtube Channel. On your YouTube channel you have to make 20000 active subscribers of your channel and then by setting AdSense ads you can start earning ad units from YouTube.
Does Google Approve AdSense Account in Pakistan?

Google AdSense program is the best ads network. If you have done all your work then you will apply for Google AdSense Program. Google will approve your account after review of your website or blogs. If you have fulfilled all their requirements it will be approved from 1 days to 24 days. If there will be any loophole then Google tells you about it otherwise your account will be approved in almost 1 day after applying. 
The approval ratio of Google AdSense Account in Pakistan is very high. So keep patients and start your new project one day you will be successful in your dreams.  
Google Ads Policies and Guidelines

After approval of your AdSense account Google will provide you Google ad code to put in ad spaces on your site. Google has specified all policies and guideline for their AdSense program which we have to follow them all you can see them from this link


Why Google Suspend Your AdSense Account?

If you want to avoid suspension of your Google AdSense earning program then you have to create your own data contents. Be aware don’t use copy paste from other sites. Do not click on your own ads. Make your own posts which have rich, informative, and knowledgeable contents for visitors to generate your ad revenue. For further details about content policies of Google AdSense you should visit following link:-
Monthly Visitors You Need to Earn from Google AdSense?

Your earning can vary according to CPC Ratio (Cost per Click), ad size, and types of ads, search results and other factors. But if you are thinking about Page Views and if you want to make an assessment from your daily Unique Visitors of your website and blog then you can earn approximately $2 dollars at every 2000 page views.
In this article we try to cover all main points to how to earn from Google AdSense, later on we will discuss all things in depth and details one by one. For your comments and suggestions please tell us in the comment box below. Thanks.

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